Saying I love you

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We are too busy, we forget, it might be awkward, we might think it’s unnecessary… but those few words go a long way. What is life but telling your loved ones they are valued and appreciated.

Independence Day: In Collaboration with CRY

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A collaboration with the NGO CRY: Child Rights and You this Independence Day. It’s been 71 years since we became an independent nation, but there are many children in India who don’t know freedom. There are about 10 million child labourers in the country and close to 15 million girls who are married before the legal age. Let’s help liberate the children of India from poverty, abuse and exploitation.

Sampling India

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India has a rich and diverse foodscape, with the cuisine changing as you travel from state to state, from the coast to the hills, from the desert to the mountains. Here is a sampling of some of the most common meals that can be found pan-India… and of course, it includes the ubiquitous chai.

These illustrations were originally done as part of a series on Indian food for a travel client, Gomowgli. Part 2 will probably follow in due course…



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I’m tired of people telling others not to be sensitive, to grow thicker skin, to buck up and get real, be a man, etc etc. While I guess this is so that you develop some immunity to survive in this mad world, I’m not sure if being immune will really help.

The Reluctant NRI: Life in the UK vs life in India

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When I left India for the UK a couple of years ago a friend told me it would help me look at life more objectively. I don’t know if that’s happened or not but I know for sure that I’ve been able to appreciate the little things more in both countries. While I miss a gazillion things about India — roadside food, the warm, effusive people, the drama, the monsoons! — I have to admit that I enjoy crossing the road peacefully here :p I feel like I’ve experienced the extremes, the heat/dust/madness of Indian cities and the silence/peace of small town Britain and its gorgeous countryside. I’ve felt guilt, frustration, homesickness, awe and peace — and I can share all of these only in the way I know best.