Happy New Year!

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2016’s been a pretty bad year overall, and it’s a big relief to say goodbye to it once and for all! Let’s welcome 2017 with a resolve to do our bit in making this big bad world a more peaceful place.


Why we do what we do

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“Do what you love doing,” they all say. But you need a certain kind of madness to stick with it. There are days when you ask yourself, why on earth are you taking the pains to write that blog post nobody’s going to read? Why are you writing a song that nobody might listen to? Why create yet another comic or piece or art when there are already thousands out there that are much better than yours?
Still.. you go on and on. It’s almost like a trap.
It’s when you let go of the need for the answers to your questions, that doing what you love doing becomes a way of life 🙂

Say NO to fireworks this Diwali

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Diwali is almost here! As a kid, much as I loved crackers, I hated the noise that it came with. I just wanted to get under the blankets and hide. It was heart-breaking to hear our neighbour’s dog howl and bark all night long. It was also heart-breaking to see little kids and babies react to Lakshmi bombs and 10000 ladis. But it doesn’t matter what age you are. Many of us dread the festival just because of the deafening noise it brings.

Do your bit this year and avoid crackers. Peace!