Swachh Bharat #1

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Appalled by the overflowing garbage and frothing lakes everywhere, I’m starting a #SwachhBharat series. Here’s the first, my take on this mass murder we call Ganesh Visarjan or Immersion. We kill fish, birds, the rivers that we supposedly worships, lakes, ponds, plants, animals, and ultimately, humans. Chunks and bits of shattered, broken Ganeshas, heavy metals, paper, bottles, plastic, cement.

It’s high time we put an end to this. Ganesha does not want you to kill!


Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

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Surprising to see that the Cauvery waters issue has reached such a peak, and there’s violence in otherwise peaceful places like Bangalore and Chennai. They’re two of my favourite cities. Here they are, getting some breakfast and sharing some coffee.


Understanding the Mind – Parts 1 and 2

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This comic was developed with a script by Gokul Ramdas, a dear friend, who has a very interesting way of putting things.

We spend so much time allowing our mind to take control of us and make us do all kinds of crazy things, when all we need is a little self-awareness and self-control. Of course, it’s much easier said than done 🙂



Happy Independence Day

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A few years ago, I shared a room with a girl whose dream was to be a pilot in the air force. Her ‘side’ of the wall was filled with Surya Kiran posters. I’ve been witness to her incredible journey – from appearing in the SSB interview and her initial tough days of training to the countless exams (both literally and figuratively) that she’s passed from then on. I can only say it’s a life of sacrifice and selflessness, and that it takes a certain amount of pluck to make that choice!

Much respect for all those in the armed forces! Happy Independence Day, everyone!