Cambridge Delights

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Dedicated to Cambridge, my adopted home, and a place I’ve fallen madly in love with. From riverside walks and punting to leafy parks, from secret lanes and corners to buildings full of history, Cambridge is full of incredible. Get posters and prints here:

Finding home 5,000 miles away from home

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It came as a surprise to me that England was exactly as I’d imagined it to be. The thatched-roof cottages, rambling roses and gigantic oak trees that I’d seen in picture books as a child all stood life-sized in front of me. The drive from Heathrow to Oxfordshire was nothing spectacular if you looked straight ahead, but on either side … Read More

A neighbourhood teeming with life

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A writing exercise as part of a course in nature writing that I’m taking at the Institute of Continuing Education, Cambridge. One of the things I love most about muggy, overcast days is that the colours of the earth below seem richer in contrast to the grey skies. The grass looks greener, the daffodils brighter. As I lock the door … Read More