The Tap goes to TEDx Pune!

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It was a humbling experience to be part of TEDx Pune, where I spoke about the power of simplicity in visual storytelling. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the whole world started communicating using stick figures? With such a non-descript visual tool, you can remove the baggage of identity and get back to simple caveman drawings. At the event, I had … Read More

An Artist’s Struggle

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I envy people who can produce works of beautiful, undeniable logic. I think it’s really wonderful to be able to make a piece of code work the way you want it to, to make a program give you a desired output. The objective is clear. For most creative pursuits,  it’s a ball game of how your creation will be received. … Read More

Wedding Card #19

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What happens when a sambar-slurping Tamilian meets a fish-eating Bengali? A lifelong debate about what’s for dinner :p Here’s another personalized wedding invitation card!

Women. Take charge!

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A story almost every woman in India has heard or experienced. I’ve heard this phrase – “I don’t have a choice” – from so many women when it comes to the topic of marriage. Societal and family pressure can be enormous. The issue is perhaps a lot more complex than shown here, and this depiction is an over-simplification, but I … Read More