Gundmi: Of paddy fields and barefoot simplicity

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My right leg was starting to hurt as I balanced all my weight on it, trying to not make a sound. We were standing on the bund of a paddy field, watching a kingfisher enjoy the afternoon sun. It bobbed up and down, as the branch it sat on swayed gently in the breeze. Below it, an emerald pool glistened, … Read More

When they say you’re too fat, too skinny, too dark…

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Over the last couple of years I’ve piled on the pounds due to various health issues, and evidently so. I’ve had a wide range of reactions to my weight gain – from being asked I have any “good news” to people asking if I were guilty that I ate a solid, filling dinner. And strangely, people wait for you to … Read More

Events, Awards and Interviews

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SPEAKING EVENTS  TEDxPune, The Power of Simplicity, 2017 IIM Kashipur, The Power of Visuals, LitFest 2015 TiE Women Entrepreneurship Day, Panelist, New Delhi 2015 WPP Stream India Ignite Talks, Jaipur 2015 Comic Con Hyderabad (Workshop), 2013 AWARDS & EXHIBITIONS  Digital Creative Superstar Award (Humour), Women’s Web, 2016 Sock Gallery Winter Open Exhibition, Loughborough, UK, 2017 Comic Con 2012 (Bangalore) and … Read More

Good Friend

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The best friendships are the ones where there’s respect for space, freedom to just be, no pressure to fake a smile, and no obligation to share.