Ramya Sriram

Who doesn’t love a good story?
Stories live everywhere – in that cup of coffee, in that firm handshake, in those branded sneakers. My desire to express these stories through words and pictures led me to set up The Tap. I help individuals and organisations communicate powerfully by taking on digital content creation, copywriting, illustration and visual storytelling projects. Everybody has a story to tell, and I help make yours unforgettable.

My experience spans publishing, advertising, digital content creation, writing/illustration and marketing. I’ve worked with clients in the UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai and India.

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“Ramya has a zillion talents and she’s one of the few I have met who can bring them all to a fine, working-quality sizzle. I have been fortunate to interact with her as an editor and she turned in some of the most popular travelogues for the Yahoo India blog, Traveler.” - Bijoy Venugopal, Editor, Yahoo! India
“As soon as I saw her illustrations, I knew she would be perfect for the project and hired her immediately. My client was delighted with the results!” – Francine Ciaccia, MoMo Companies, USA
"Ramya quickly connects with the idea and communicates the story in a simplistic but highly impactful format.Unlike other agencies, she is not fixated with any prejudices or stereotypes, thereby brings in a fresh perspective to all her illustrations. " - Vishwanathan Vijayaraghavan, Founder, Tspoon
I commissioned her to create custom-made art - and she came up with some work that was not only original yet very uniquely in her own style. I find her art quirky, adorable & distinctive."- Shamanth Rao, Digital Marketing Consultant (custom birthday cards and coasters)