Ramya Sriram
Content Specialist | Illustrator & Cartoonist | Travel Writer

Who doesn’t love a good story?
Stories live everywhere – in that cup of coffee, in that handshake, by the window seat. I set up The Tap as a way for me to express these stories verbally and visually. I help individuals and organisations communicate powerfully by working with them to create campaigns and comics. Everybody has a story to tell, and I help make yours memorable.

My experience spans publishing, advertising, digital content creation, writing/illustration and marketing. I’ve worked with clients in the UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai and India.

I’ve spoken at TEDx Pune, IIM Kashipur, TiE Delhi, WPP Stream Jaipur, and Comic Con Hyderabad.

Email: ramyasriram1 [at] gmail.com| Web | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedInNews The Illustrated Resume


“Ramya has a zillion talents and she’s one of the few I have met who can bring them all to a fine, working-quality sizzle. I have been fortunate to interact with her as an editor and she turned in some of the most popular travelogues for the Yahoo India blog, Traveler.” - Bijoy Venugopal, Editor, Yahoo! India
“As soon as I saw her illustrations, I knew she would be perfect for the project and hired her immediately. My client was delighted with the results!” – Francine Ciaccia, MoMo Companies, USA
"Ramya quickly connects with the idea and communicates the story in a simplistic but highly impactful format.Unlike other agencies, she is not fixated with any prejudices or stereotypes, thereby brings in a fresh perspective to all her illustrations. " - Vishwanathan Vijayaraghavan, Founder, Tspoon
I commissioned her to create custom-made art - and she came up with some work that was not only original yet very uniquely in her own style. I find her art quirky, adorable & distinctive."- Shamanth Rao, Digital Marketing Consultant (custom birthday cards and coasters)