Happy Independence Day

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A few years ago, I shared a room with a girl whose dream was to be a pilot in the air force. Her ‘side’ of the wall was filled with Surya Kiran posters. I’ve been witness to her incredible journey – from appearing in the SSB interview and her initial tough days of training to the countless exams (both literally … Read More

The depressing state of women safety

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So many women in India face abuse on a daily basis – while commuting, while walking to the grocery store, in theatres, malls, schools, colleges, cities, towns and villages.I was horrified to learn of the Rohtak case. Will there ever be an end to such incidents?

Happy Eid!

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Every year in college, a friend of mind brought me the yummiest, home-cooked sheer khurma on Eid – one of my favourite sweet dishes ever! Eid Mubarak, everyone! Enjoy the goodies and the happies.  

Childhood games

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A trip down nostalgia lane! Funny how our childhood games like gilli danda, kancha/marbles, tops, and even those like ‘dog and the bone’ set us up for life. Dog and the bone was quite hilarious game since it involved neither, but a handkerchief that the two teams aimed to get. By far the most exciting street game ever! And of … Read More

Water, water, everywhere…

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India faces one of the worst water crises it has ever faced. I remember the wave of desperation that swept over my colony last year when our borewell dried up. With frantic calls to water tankers, our problems were solved fairly quickly. Many of us are among the fortunate, whose offices and homes manage to arrange for some kind of … Read More

Clean up!

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There are new policies being talked about, and new colour-coded garbage bins being distributed. We live in a land of irony, where we promote world peace on the banks of a river we’re already choking to death. I once saw a man peeing outside (and on) the walls of a free public toilet. On a recent trip to Bombay, I … Read More

13 must-have Indian food experiences

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This piece was originally done for the travel company GoMowgli, highlighting the food experiences a first-time traveller to India must have.  From the 36-course Kashmiri wazwan to the simple biryani of Tamil Nadu, India offers to your palate a mind-boggling variety of tastes and flavours. Much like its people and culture, Indian food is highly diverse, with each region having … Read More