Childhood games

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A trip down nostalgia lane! Funny how our childhood games like gilli danda, kancha/marbles, tops, and even those like ‘dog and the bone’ set us up for life. Dog and the bone was quite hilarious game since it involved neither, but a handkerchief that the two teams aimed to get. By far the most exciting street game ever! And of … Read More

Careers, dreams and passions

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Finding a passion is a lot simpler than we think it is. Sometimes we stumble upon it by accident, sometimes we rediscover an old hobby, sometimes we find out by elimination, sometimes we’ve known all long but we’ve been too scared to pursue it. Meander away from the ‘safe’ path, drive off the road you’re taking because everyone else is, … Read More

The happy chef!

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Bake, fry, roast, steam, mash, chop.. an illustration with everything that makes cooking so soul-satisfying 🙂 Illustration for an apron/fridge sticker.  

Travel with a book

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The written word has so much to offer that it’s almost scary what it can do to your imagination. A book is a journey, an experience. You hear the roaring thunder threatening to overturn your boat, you feel the ecstasy of having climbed Mt. Everest, you smell the wet soil of a rainforest, you crouch behind cars with detectives, you … Read More

The refugee crisis… what you can do

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It’s heart-breaking to see the updates about the ongoing refugee crisis. There might be no simple way of putting an end to this horror and tragedy, but those of us sitting in our safe, well-protected environments do have the power to help, in whatever capacity. Every bit counts. The Guardian has a useful list up here of what we can … Read More

On fear, fist pumps and freedom

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“Stretch your legs out in front of you,” the instructor said, as I hung suspended by a pulley, ready for my first zip lining experience. The rope I clung to for dear life connected one mountain to another across the gorgeous green valley of Cherrapunjee. I had decided to do this after agreeing to the the driver’s mysterious question,” Madam, … Read More