To all women worldwide: Choice is empowerment

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Being a woman is hard in any part of the world. I think one of the biggest weapons that a woman can wield is that of choice (at least in countries where we lucky enough to exercise that choice freely! But that’s another story). The choice to make our own decisions, the choice to marry or reproduce or have a cat or climb a mountain or work from home or wear a miniskirt. The power to simply be. The freedom to live without fear, walk the streets without being armed with umbrellas and pepper sprays, the freedom to live without being judged.

A lot of women do succumb to pressure, it’s easy to give in. Ever so often, I hear an unhappy woman tell me, “But I don’t really have a choice.” Even when in reality — we do. But there are several mental barriers that prevent us from exercising that choice. I hope that all of us realize that our lives are ours to lead, and that we get to make our own choices, irrespective of what people say. That in itself is a step forward.

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4 Comments on “To all women worldwide: Choice is empowerment”

  1. I choose to be me, not thinking about the society, people and etc. I choose to BE BOLD FOR CHANGE.

  2. Unfortunately having a kid isn’t a choice for everyone — for some of us, it’s nearly impossible, despite our best efforts. I love your drawing though!

  3. I would absolutely LOVE to have this as a poster for my classroom! Are there any available?

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